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Installation of a Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fan

If you’ve got yourself a kitchen hood exhaust fan or you’re planning on buying one then you’d surely need to know how to install it. Getting professionals is always the best way to go; but, most of the times they are pricey and with the economic situation not many people can afford professional help these days. Therefore, you need to learn to do it yourself!

Before, actually looking into the steps that you need to follow, lets take a look at a few tips and suggestions that would help you decide which step you need to follow and which aren't applicable to you.

Suggestions and Tips on installation of a Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fan:

  1. Even though most kitchen hoods exchange air from your kitchen with the outdoors; there are plenty of kitchen hoods that just purify the air and return it back into your very own kitchen. Therefore, if you're range hood is the purification type you won't need to consider constructing any form of ducting.
  2. You may need to make a cabin or some other sort of arrangement for your kitchen hood to rest and in order to do so you would need to know exactly which model of a kitchen hood you're going to buy. Therefore, first and foremost decide the model you're planning to install. 
  3. You would also need to make the necessary electrical connections and if you're not familiar with this process you could ask family and friends to help you out or if possible just get yourself a electrician who knows what's needed when it comes to kitchen hood fans.

Steps to be followed when Installing a Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fan:

  • Setting up your ventilation ducts: There are plenty of ways you could employ when it comes to setting up ventilation ducts. You could either build ducts through your wall or the roof of your home. Depending on what suits your house the best you would have to decide. You would then need to buy the necessary materials in order to successfully get your ducting work completed.
  •  Get the hood ready - Once the ducting has been completed, the next step would be to get your kitchen hood out of the box and ready to be installed. 
  • You then need to place your kitchen hood over your Range and you need to make sure that it sits on the right spot. Also, see that the ducts are easily connectable and that the electrical connections can be made easily. 
  • Make all the necessary electrical connections needed in order to operate the kitchen hood exhaust fan and also the light installed on it if you need it. 
PS: - Check out the manual that comes along with your kitchen hood exhaust fan in order to get detailed instructions on the installation of that particular model. 

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